Cheap Japanese Clothing Brands 2021

by Erika Shinomoto

Looking for some high fashion clothing with affordable price tags? Here are cheap Japanese clothing brands offering exactly that! 

Japan’s clothing styles and brands are some of the best in the fashion world. The outfit styles and quality of Japanese brands are top class and quite popular across the globe. Japanese brands know how to experiment with style, and so, you will find some of the most unexpected styles. When thinking of Japanese styles, think of color combos, top-notch layering, and some staple pieces. 

In this article, we help you find some of the cheap Japanese clothing brands that bring you the best from the Japanese fashion world. Although these clothing brands come under the affordable and low-cost category, their clothing items are high in quality and top-class in style. So, are you ready to take a look at some of the cheap Japanese clothing brands?

Affordable Japanese Clothing Brands

Cheap Japanese Clothing BrandsBest ForBest-seller
UNIQLOCasual WearHEATTECH V-Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt $27.77
SacaiFusion of Sporty, Edgy, and Haute CoutureSacai Lily Lace Black Pleated Skirt – $550.00
Yohji YamamotoBlack, avant-gardeY’s Jute Sandals$182.00
SnidelStreet FormalSuede Ankle Boots with Chunky Heels$26.99
ASICSSportswearASICS Men’s Running Tee$34.95


Cheap Japanese Clothing Brands For Casual Wear

Uniqlo is genuinely one of the most famous Japanese clothing brands that are known for its inexpensive range of clothes. The Japanese casual wear designer, Uniqlo, has over 800 stores in Japan alone. If we talk about the brand’s worldwide presence, it has over 900 stores in Asia, Europe, and the USA. 

The brand mostly deals with a simple, casual clothing line that is superior in quality. The most popular range that Uniqlo is famous for is its Heattech range. The thermal clothing range comfortably regulates body temperature without any discomfort of bulky clothing. The smart thermal innerwear in this range cleverly uses the moisture released by the body to trap in heat and keep you warm. 

Here are some options you may want to consider:

#1 — UNIQLO HEATTECH V-Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This is a light T-shirt that provides a lot of warmth without being too bulky. It has a Dry technology that protects against sweaty chills. Yet another feature that makes this T-shirt a great choice is the self-deodorizing feature that prevents odors. The V-neck of the T-shirt is so deep that it does not peep out from under your shirt, even if you decide to keep the top button open. We are sure you will love this stretchy, shape-retaining T-shirt that is very insulating.

#2 — UNIQLO Roger Federer DryEX Polo Tennis Shirt

This Dry-Ex T-shirt is made of a super breathable mesh knit material and comes with a cool and stylish gradient pattern. This T-shirt has been made in collaboration with Roger Federer, and so the T-shirt features a pretty pastel shade favored by the tennis star.

#3 — UNIQLO AIRism Boxer Briefs

This is a very light and quick-drying boxer brief with 20 percent greater breath-ability than the others. The microfiber fabric that is used to make this brief is extremely light and soft, you will not even feel that you are wearing it. The fabric also has odor-neutralizing properties for extra comfort.

Not what you’re looking for? You can check out more collections for UNIQLO here!

#2 — Sacai

Cheap Japanese Clothing Brands For Fusion of Sporty, Edgy, and Haute Couture

Sacai is yet another Japanese brand that brings us affordable yet chic clothing. The brand’s signature style is the ultimate fusion of sporty, edgy, and haute couture. The clothing line from the brand is a cult favorite, and we are sure you will find their styles quite perfect for several occasions. 

The brand grabbed international attention when it first appeared on the runway in Paris in 2011. Today, it has over 175 global retailers. Sacai has also collaborated with several big labels and brands, including Vans, Birkenstock, Hender Scheme, and Ugg. 

Here are some great styles from the brand that you may love: 

#1 — Sacai Black Pleat T-shirt

This black linen T-shirt looks very chic and stylish, while also keeping the casual vibes. It is a T-shirt that you can easily transform into a partywear. This versatile piece of clothing is definitely going to make you want to grab it. 

#2 — Sacai Lily Lace Black Pleated Skirt

We love this black pleated skirt that has such a unique design. It is the perfect skirt for our day outs and brunches. In fact, we can also easily wear it to a party; it really is that versatile. We love how the solid black pleated skirt on the outside has a slit on the side and is perfectly complemented by the floral patterned short skirt peeping out. 

#3 — Yohji Yamamoto

Cheap Japanese Clothing Brands For Black, Avant-garde 

Yohji Yamamoto is one of the most famous designers of Japan, and two of his most popular collections are Y’s and Yohji Yamamoto. He is also known for his collaborations with other brands and artists. One of his most popular collaborations was with Adidas for the collection called Y-3. He has also collaborated with artists such as Sir Elton John and Japanese actor, Takeshi Kitano. 

Yamamoto’s clothing is predominantly black, avant-garde garments. His collections include oversized silhouettes, drapery, and layering. 

Here are some options by Yamamoto’s collection that you may be interested in –

#1 — Yohji Yamamoto Crepe De Chine Twill Dress

We can see Yamamoto’s signature style in this dress. It is a solid black dress with an oversized silhouette that looks chic and comfortable. It comes with a zipper closure at the back. 

#2 — Yohji Yamamoto  Y’s Jute Sandals

This is a great jute sandal by Yohji Yamamoto that is both comfortable and stylish. It has a slip-on design with the upper material made of smooth leather. The front has a rounded to design and a lightly padded leather insole with embossed logo. We are sure you will love this sandal.

#4 — Snidel

Cheap Japanese Clothing Brands For Street Formal

Snidel is a brand designed and developed by designer Asami Kusugami and is the best brand to check out if you are looking for clothes that come under the “street formal” category. The pieces you find at Snidel are perfect for casual wear and occasions, but you can also wear them in a formal setting.

The brand is extremely popular amongst young Japanese women and students as there are a ton of fashion options to choose from. From dresses to handbags and shoes, you can find everything at Snidel. 

Here are a few options you may want to consider getting from Snidel:

#1 — Snidel Suede Ankle Boots with Chunky Heels

Who doesn’t love ankle booties, right? Snidel brings you the perfect option in the form of this suede pair. The leopard print design is almost always on trend and will continue to please people for a long time.

The suede material fits perfectly and the zipper detail adds a nice touch to the whole look. The boots have chunky low heels with a non-slip rubber sole. It is the perfect companion for working, hiking, or for a casual brunch date.

#2 — Snidel Open Toe Slip On Flat Sandal

Here’s yet another printed sandal by the brand that has a unique and chic design. Firstly, it is the snakeskin print that catches the eyes. The charming sandal makes you look elegant and fashionable. The non-slip padded sole has been designed to ensure maximum comfort so you can wear it for a long time comfortably.

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#5 — ASICS

Cheap Japanese Clothing Brands For Sportswear

ASICS is a brand that was founded in 1949 and today, is one of the leading names in the world of sportswear. It is also a trusted brand for its vast range of footwear. ASICS is one of the brands that has earned world accreditation for its sporting foundations. The running trainers from the brand have been consistently ranking among the top running models of the year. 

ASICS also has a number of high profile collaborations to its name. Some of the most notable collaborations include names such as Ronnie Fieg, Afew, and Atmos, among others. 

Here are some options from the brand you may want to consider:

#1 — ASICS Short Print Running Shorts

Need a cool pair of shorts to become your running partner? You may want to give this a try. It has a regular fit and is not at all sloppy. It is made of a quick-drying technical fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your workout.

The shorts also feature optimal breathability and moisture management. It comes with an elastic waistband with interior drawstrings. The reflective branding increases low-light visibility. 

#2 — ASICS Men’s Running Tee

This is a great workout tee for men that is suitable for the cold winter months. It is made of a quick-drying and breathable fabric that keeps you comfortable while you are focused on your workout.

The brushed knit fabric has excellent moisture management properties that keep you fresh while you are sweating out. We also love the excellent hexagon hem detail that adds a great touch to the overall style.

What clothing brands are popular in Japan?

UNIQLO, SACAI, Yohji Yamamoto, Snidel, ASICS are some clothes brands popular in Japan. Japanese clothing brands UNIQLO is popular for its casual wear collection and affordable prices. Japanese clothing brand SNIDEL is popular for street formal while the Japanese clothing brand ASICS is popular for sportswear. If you’re looking for a high-fashion collection, check out SACAI Japanese clothing brand. The Japanese clothing brand Yoji Yamamoto is popular for avant garde collections. 

Is clothing cheap in Japan?

Yes, clothing is cheap in Japan. Japanese clothing brands are very cheap when bought in Japan. There are so many brands bringing affordable fashion to our doorstep. Uniqlo and GU are some of the most inexpensive brands that bring high-quality clothes. 

Japanese Clothing Brands For The Stylish You…

These were some of the best and cheap Japanese clothing brands that can change your fashion game altogether with their unique designs and quirky styles. We are sure you must have found something that caught your fancy. So, are you ready to endeavor into the world of Japanese fashion?


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